Vintage Line
~Full Aged Imitation Ivory~

This special Naill bagpipe combines a very vintage feel with a modern sound suitable for both solo work and to blend with any pipe band.

Flat, non-beaded ferrules and ring caps and smaller projecting mounts contribute to the antique look.

The mounts,ferrules and caps are all "aged" to show the richer color and variation that occurs with ivory over time.

This new vintage style offers an historic look, with the reliability, warranty, and first-owner pride of a new set.


    Fully combed and beaded African with hand-rubbed oil finish

    Small vintage sized aged imitation ivory projecting mounts

    Aged imitation ivory vintage-style flat ferrules & ring caps

    Narrower profile - when compared to the standard Naill pipe

    Subtle changes to the bass bore give a more powerful sound


Polypenco pipe chanter

Choice of Canmore zipper or hide bag

Velvet or cord bag cover

Silk drone cords