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~ David Naill & Co. Smallpipes~

David Naill smallpipes are available in both Polypenco and African Blackwood, bellows or mouth-blown. They are made in the key of A and D to suit different types of music and instrumental line-ups.Smallpipes can provide the perfect accompaniment to traditional acoustic instruments such as the fiddle, guitar, whistle, flute, banjo, and mandolin.The volume is ideal for inside settings, and they are well-suited to playing together in small harmony groups or solo.The finger technique is the same as that for the Highland Bagpipe, so the transition to smallpipes is not too difficult for pipers.

All instruments come with Ezeedrone reeds - blackwood sets also includes a Kilter carry case.

HAND ENGRAVED DESIGN OPTIONS : We pride ourselves in our metalwork, taking great care to ensure every David Naill smallpipe set is a true masterpiece. Smallpipe metalwork designs are available in Acanthus and Victorian as standard. Other designs available on request.

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CUSTOM ENGRAVING : Celebrate a loved one, or hallmark a special occasion with custom engraving. Using delicate and precise chisels, we can bring your ideas to life, creating deep everlasting impressions and a quality far superior to any machine-work.

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Smallpipes in Brass

This model mounted in brass is elegant in its simplicity. These smallpipes come in either plain or hand engraved brass. Made with the highest quality African Blackwood and kept for four years so to ensure stability. The overall design of the model is attractive even without elaborate decoration. The wood and brass compliment each other nicely, giving a look that's time-honored and traditional.

Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood
Brass ferrules
Brass ring caps
African Blackwood tuning slides
African Blackwood mounts

Price on Application

Smallpipes in Brass

Smallpipes in Sterling Silver

The silver model comes mounted in either plain or hand engraved Sterling silver. The set includes silver ferrules, ring caps, and tuning slides. The quality shines in the silver mounts, adding distinction and beauty. This model is available in a variety of hand engraved silver designs.

Fully combed and beaded African Blackwood
Sterling silver ferrules
Sterling silver ring caps
Sterling silver tuning slides
Imitation ivory mounts

Price on Application

Smallpipes in sterling silver