~DN0A and DN0B Model~

The DN0B and DN0B have a simple sleek profile that is only contrasted by the abundance of nickel.

Beaded nickel ferrules, ring caps, and slides(DN0B) make these models shine.

The imitation ivory adds that extra character and sophistication.

These models sound exactly like a full engraved silver set and are a wonderful introduction to David Naill & Co. bagpipes.


African Blackwood fully combed/beaded

Nickel ferrules and ringcaps - with nickel slides on the DN0B Model

All our nickel is pure nickel and not plated

Imitation ivory button mounts

** Also available with Aged Imitation Ivory - click here for more details.


Polypenco pipe chanter

Choice of Canmore zipper or hide bag

Velvet or cord bag cover

Silk drone cords